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RATS Cast & Team.jpg


Stage Manager

Directed by Maggie Smith

Loyola University Chicago

Underground Laboratory Theatre

Devising Ensemble: Maggie Smith, Sophia Augusta, Ellie Englehaupt, Sarah Gokelman, Gina Saglimbeni, Kieran Taylor, Levi Welch

Lighting/Sound Designer: Molly Cornell

Mentor: Katie Klemme

Photos: Molly Cornell

Rats: The Musical: List


RATS was an entirely devised parody of CATS by Andrew Lloyd Webber, with two full ensemble musical numbers and each ensemble member writing the lyrics to their own song.

This project had only seven days to write, design, and stage the full show, so it required a fully planned out schedule for the week and a closely managed live script document.

RATS Detailed Rehearsal Calendar


RATS was born out of a love for CATS and a series of inside jokes between myself, project lead Maggie Smith, and lighting/sound designer Molly Cornell.

This project was unique to work on because everyone in the room contributed creatively to the writing process for the lyrics and script. I also had the opportunity to contribute writing ideas, design posters for the set, and even be the prerecorded voice of "Rat God" while still managing and running the show.

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